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artisan's workshop for knitwear in cashmere

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"Le Bimbi 100% cashmere" is a family run artisan's workshop that has specialized in making high class knitwear in cashmere for forty years. Each item is woven and knitted with vintage machinery to be then finished completely by hand.

How we started

In the lively, elegant small town of Viareggio towards the end of the 1920s, there was a young, enterprising apprentice called Emma in a knitwear workshop. Working earnestly and diligently, the young girl, within a few years, was able to set up a modest production line from home and after a very short period her own little workshop.

Later on in time, the eldest daughter Jungla started working in her mother's small business but it was only in 1972 when the youngest daughter Rossana joined the team that the three ladies decided to take a step up the ladder regarding quality, devoting themselves exclusively to cashmere.

With the arrival of Stefania, Emma's granddaughter, the third generation of the "Bimbi" began to be part of this historical workshop.

What we make

From the founding of the "Bimbi" to the present day, on entering the workshop you immediately sense a feeling of unique excitement. Avoiding the hard and fast rules that fashion often dictates regarding size and colour, in this magical space where cashmere reigns supreme, you find, together with ultra-new styles, an amazing vast range of designs that can be adapted very well to any size.

At the "Bimbi" anything can be made to order, made to measure and personalized to the minimum detail, however, there is also a great choice of ready made knitwear available in an exceptional variety of colours and shades. Being a real authentic artisan's workshop, the quality of the items is of the highest standard, yet the prices remain truly competitive.

The "Bimbi" create exclusive designs for some very important shops and Italian fashion houses and count among their customers leading figures in show business and in politics.

How we make them

Just take a glance at the normal working practice inside this little artisan's workshop to immerse yourself in the past. The looms the skilled workers operate, including the circular ones at the sewing stage, make one item at a time. The trimmings and finishing touches are all carried out by hand, likewise the buttonholes. Even zips are sewn on by hand, something of the past nowadays, furthermore, each design is different from the other, as they are created according to the requests of the customer.

The famous moulinet yarn that was created specially by the "Bimbi", is twisted by hand, personalized to the point where you can actually choose the individual threads to be woven together to create your own design which is, therefore, absolutely inimitable. The proprietors love telling their customers that in this global era where in every shop worldwide you find the same things, at the "Bimbi" whatever you buy is definitely unique!

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